As winter temperatures fall and the air gets drier, your skin pays the price. This can lead to cracks in the outer layer of skin, loss of hydration, and ultimately, inflammation. What are our best tips to ease your skin through the harsh, dry assaults during this time of year?

Swap your cleanser to a more hydrating cream cleanser such as ZO Hydrating Cleanser. Your skin will love the soothing feel along with the great job it does in washing away debris and makeup. This cleanser provides a silky, clean skin surface and minimizes dryness and irritation.

If you are not using a serum as part of your daily skin care regimen, incorporate one into your skincare routine. This is especially important during the winter months to prevent cellular damage that results in premature aging of the skin. Our #1 recommendation is Skinceuticals C + E Ferulic. This topical antioxidant combination of pure L-ascorbic acid and Vitamin E has an additional ingredient, Ferulic, a plant based antioxidant which boosts the performance of this already powerful combo product.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Sometimes the thinner, lightweight formula you used during the warmer months doesn’t quite stand up to the increased dryness of winter. Try a richer cream that will protect your skin and give it lasting moisture. Look for one that contains fatty acids and ceramides, which will help skin lock in moisture and maintain its protective barrier. Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore is a perfect choice. Aging, stressed skin is increasingly susceptible to the loss of natural fats in the skin’s surface called lipids which compromises the skin’s protective barriers and inability to self-repair. This product addresses rough texture, dullness, uncomfortable tightness and dehydrated skin.

Don’t forget the delicate eye area which requires intensive treatment all year, but especially during the winter season. SENTE Illumine Eye Cream is clinically proven to diminish dark circles, lines, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area in as early as 2 weeks.

Although many clients think sunscreen protection is not necessary during the winter months, it is definitely a must to defend already dry skin against further damage. ZO Sunscreen + Primer is a top-seller, along with some of the other Skinceuticals sunscreens that are popular.

In addition to the above skin care products, the skin care experts at Paragon Med Spa recommend monthly spa visits for hydrating facials and treatments. Don’t let your dry skin suffer through the winter. It will be that much harder to correct the damage once Spring is in the air. One of the most popular effective treatment during these cold months is the HydroPlus+, a customized infusion of serum following an exfoliation. This power treatment uses peptides and ceramides to lock in moisture. Paragon is currently offering the HydroPlus+ for a limited time at $149.