Acne can be an issue for many teens and can have multiple triggers. Stress, hormones, sport activities and diet can all be contributing factors in acne breakouts. 40-50 billion people in the US struggle with acne which is a common skin condition mainly caused by clogged pores. Acne begins as a result of dead skin cells which become stuck in the skin pores. When the skin is healthy, cells reach the surface and shed or die naturally, but when excessive oil is being produced, the dead cells become trapped in the pore with bacteria causing inflammation and then pimples.

Poor cleansing habits, abrasive products and poor diet can make this condition worse. Depending on the type and grade of acne, treatments may vary. Acne has 4 grades with grade 1 (mild) to grade 4 (most severe). Grade 1 can be managed with proper products, cleansing and professional treatments. Grade 4 requires prescription topical and/or oral medications to improve.

Important tips to treat and manage teen acne are as follows. Properly cleanse the skin morning and night. If playing sports, cleanse after the activity, making sure to rinse completely and thoroughly. Never use abrasive scrubs especially on active acne which only makes the condition worse. The most important and hardest tip is to not squeeze or touch the face, as this will contribute to more breakouts and possible scarring. If using medication, follow instructions and avoid direct sun exposure.

Seeing a professional skin care specialist, such as those at Paragon Med Spa, for skin care treatments is important! The skin care therapist will educate on proper care of the skin and how to use home care products to treat the skin condition. Professional acne treatments will thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate dead skins. Pores will be safely unclogged (extracted) and products will be applied to reduce further breakouts.

Call (856) 848-1485 to schedule a teen facial for the special rate of $45. You have everything to gain with less acne breakouts and a renewed sense of confidence about your skin!